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The First Option Technologies Culture: Support is about....

Successful IT support is about listening, asking the right questions and being able to make high-quality, informed suggestions under pressure.

Support is about... Values

First Option Technologies don't just have clients, we have partners, all of them businesses like yours who value our 20 years of experience.  We work hard to create value-packed long-term relationships with clients based on a mutual set of values; trust, technical skills, efficiency, effectiveness and complete confidentiality.  Since, as your managed services partner, we are quite literally inside your business at times, it's crucial that your values are at the heart of our business too.

Support is about... Trust

An easy word to say, a major commitment to uphold!  Clients like you trust us to be the voice of their company's support team, to fix problems, to solve issues, to watch over sensitive systems and confidential data.  Our Service Level Agreements lay out what we must do, but it's that extra level of care and involvement of a partnership that we choose to do that sets First Option Technologies apart from the rest.

Support is about... the Passion

Our staff come from a range of different backgrounds, but we all share a single passion: technology.

Yes, that might seem nerdy, but to give you the best advice, service and support possible, that's not a nice-to-have, it's an absolute requirement.  Our team at First Option Technologies love working out how things tick - and what happens if they tock instead.  It's deeply rooted in our psyche and that's a massive benefit for you!

Support is about... the People

We value an individual's personality and motivations; we prefer experience and passion over qualifications anytime, and above all we enjoy what we do.  Over the years there isn't much in this field that we have not prodded, poked and taken apart (sometimes literally!).  This gives us a firm grounding in a broad spectrum of internet technologies.

Our staff really do enjoy working for us, and over 50% hold shares in the company, so they have a genuine interest in our success.  And, of course, they get to work in the heart of the Hampshire countryside for international clients across the globe - how cool is that!

IT Services from First Option Technologies : Why Partner with Us

  • Brand : We work IN BRAND at all times.  We always remember that it's your brand and they are your customers so conduct our dealings accordingly.
  • Ethics & Trust : Any information relating to you or your customers stays with us and isn't disclosed to anyone else.  We are more than willing to sign an NDA if required.
  • Knowledge : We understand the Channel model.  We can and do act as the support team at the Vendor, Distributor and Reseller level.
  • Passion : We enjoy being challenged and are passionate about what we do.
  • Culture : We have fun at work; when the culture is right there is no limit to what you can achieve.
  • Stability : Our roots go back 20+ years, pretty much a lifetime in IT terms.  And we've been oiling support wheels for over 12 years.  Very little takes us by surprise.
  • Personal Service : There's a close relationship between our team and yours - we're partners, not suppliers.
  • Accreditation : we know when to wing it, and we know when process is important - we are one of the first to be awarded the new ISO 9001:2008.

If you like the sound of what we do and want to know how we could help your business to run more smoothly, there's just one thing you need to do.

Call us, challenge us, try us - we know you can't get better!  0333 900 1333.